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Magic and Romance: A Collection of Lesbian Short Stories

May 5, 2017By

Niamh Murphy has a Kindle book available for free at Amazon. Magic and Romance: A Collection of Lesbian Love Stories is a cross-genre anthology of Sapphic tales. If you like reading about student life, vampires, werewolves, ballroom dancing, historical romance, or even epic fantasy, all with a twist of lesbian romance and a dash of adventure, then you will love this exciting, funny, and free collection of Niamh Murphy’s lesbian short stories.

Pick it up from Amazon here:

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I Used To Be

April 9, 2017By

I Used to Be is a complex novel about a sixteen-year-old ballet student who falls in love with her ballet teacher. At the author’s Wattpad page, you’ll also find a prequel to the novel that features excerpts from the ballet teacher’s diary when she was younger and coming out. There’s also a short story (No Room at the Inn) about a lesbian couple that’s reunited after a tragedy.

Head over to Wattpad to check out all this great stuff.



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Tales of the Inner West

January 15, 2017By

Tales of the Inner West is a fiction blog about a lesbian named Sarah, a sous-chef who has just moved to New York City. The author adds more to Sarah’s story every week. In the latest post, Sarah has just been asked out on a date by Lena, someone she met at a new cafe (along with two new lesbian friends, Carly and Belle).

To follow the romance, and to meet all the new people Sarah is getting to know, visit Tales of the Inner West.


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The L Word: Behind the Scenes

November 1, 2015By

At The L Word: Behind the Scenes, you’ll find a photo-illustrated collection of L Word inspired stories that are sexy and amusing. The stories run parallel with the Showtime series’ timeline. They include original scenes, experiences, and dramatic tension for the characters in the series. They also introduce new characters to the ongoing narrative and drama.

You’ll find more than the L Word at the site. There’s also Wet Work, a collection of stories that spoofs the spy thriller genre. Characters include Bette and Tina as spies, Agent Porter, and Agent T.

Swing by and check out the stories.


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Sayit18’s Fan Fiction

April 22, 2015By

If you’re into fan fiction, check out sayit18’s stories. You’ll find stories that contain Harry Potter’s Hermione and Fleur set during the Triwizard Tournament when her Veela seems to be bursting at the seams, Carmilla’s very own Carmilla and Laura in an angsty erotica spin in their dorm room, and Vampire Academy’s Rose and Lissa during their runaway attempt when the vampire gets a bit too hungry. Head on over and take a look.

Link: Sayit18’s Fantasy Fan Fiction

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