I don’t add books that are temporarily free on Amazon (for KDP Select). Online Lesbian Fiction is a site for books and stories that are permanently free.

Online Lesbian Fiction is here to point readers to free lesbian fiction on the net. Given that:

  1. I reserve the right to decline any submission without explanation. I’m not a tyrant—this is here to cover my ass in case I missed something when writing these guidelines.
  2. Sites promoting authors, books, eBooks, etc. with little or no free fiction won’t be included. Excerpts don’t qualify—the fiction must be available in its entirety. I’m looking for sites with a decent amount of lesbian fiction.
  3. No porn or adult sites.
  4. No stories that contain the following: incest, pedophilia, bestiality. If it’s not listed here and it should be, see #1.
  5. No stories that promote hatred toward a particular group.

I don’t own a site. I post my fiction to a blog. Is that okay? Yes.

I don’t have a site, but my eBook (available in the Kindle store, at Smashwords, or another online bookstore) is free. Will you link to it? Yes, if it meets the guidelines. I don’t link to books that are temporarily free on Amazon (for KDP Select). Your book must be permanently free.

I have lesbian poetry at my site. Is that okay? Yes.

I write fan fiction. Is that okay? Yes.

Only part of my story is free. Is that okay? No. The entire story has to be free.

If you think your site meets the guidelines and you’d like it added to Online Lesbian Fiction, send me an email at Include the following:

  • A valid email address. If I can’t contact you, I won’t add your site.
  • The link to your site. I only link to FREE fiction.
  • A short description of your work that includes the lesbian angle.
  • How your work should be categorized (romance, erotica, fantasy, etc.).

If you don’t hear from me within a week, feel free to send me another email. Your first one is probably lost in cyberspace.