Kliff’s Edge – a Free Paranormal Series

August 4, 2013By

Kliff’s Edge is the home of paranormal mystery stories featuring freelance sleuth May Cliff. In When Dogs Don’t Dig, the current story, May is contacted by an animal unit to catch a dog who has evaded capture a remarkable number of times. May’s not sure whether to be insulted or amused—until she learns the dog still managed to evade dog catchers even after being hit with a lethal dose of elephant tranquilizer. Author Illise Montoya posts updates every other Saturday, so head on over and read about May’s latest case.

Link: Kliff’s Edge

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The Angel in the Flesh

August 17, 2010By

The Angel in the Flesh is a short tale by Marcello Fanfoni. The happiness of a teen lesbian couple is seriously put to the test when a homophobic angel takes possession of the body of one of the girls. A parody of The Exorcist, it’s very funny and full of romance. Check it out.

Link: The Angel in the Flesh

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Khimairal Ink

August 18, 2008By

Khimairal Ink is a literary webzine published four times a year. It features character-driven stories with lesbian protagonists in a variety of genres. As stated on its About page (where you’ll also find an explanation of its name!), it’s “devoted to fiction that celebrates strong female ideals and the feminist spirit.” You can read the stories using your browser, or download the issues as PDF files. You’re sure to find something you’ll like.

Link: Khimairal Ink

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