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FutureBody is an urban fantasy series that follows 18-year-old Psi born Zatine Tones as she attempts to discover what her life means, and how to live it, after she becomes her family’s enemy. Leila is a captive Magi synian and she sort of kidnaps Zatine, another character in the series. Leila and Zatine both have baggage to deal with while trying to figure out why the two can’t be without the other. Each installment includes discussion questions. RaSoul, the author, wants to connect with her readers. Swing by and have a read.


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The Dylan Morgan Show – Morgan’s Summer Special

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Prolific author Jenny Frame has added a new story to her growing body of work. Morgan’s Summer Special takes place after the turmoil of Season 2. The Morgans hope to enjoy a quieter period in their family life, but will they? Dylan and Jackson set off to the Moroccan Sahara Desert to take part in the race of their lives, with the help of their new friend Sandy and all in the aid of charity. Will they survive everything the desert has to throw at them? Or will it change their lives forever…

Read the latest installment here: Morgan’s Summer Special

Also, check out all the stories on Frame’s author page: Author Jenny Frame at the Academy of Bards


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Kliff’s Edge – a Free Paranormal Series

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Kliff’s Edge is the home of paranormal mystery stories featuring freelance sleuth May Cliff. In When Dogs Don’t Dig, the current story, May is contacted by an animal unit to catch a dog who has evaded capture a remarkable number of times. May’s not sure whether to be insulted or amused—until she learns the dog still managed to evade dog catchers even after being hit with a lethal dose of elephant tranquilizer. Author Illise Montoya posts updates every other Saturday, so head on over and read about May’s latest case.

Link: Kliff’s Edge

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The Real Housewives of Wolfgang County

June 19, 2013By

Jenny Frame, the author of The Road to Dencotte House and The Dylan Morgan Show, is working on a new series. A story of family, love, loyalty and passion, The Real Housewives of Wolfgang County is about extraordinary creatures living ordinary lives. Dante Wolfgang, Alpha of the Wolfgang pack, would do anything to protect her family and her pack. Dante is surrounded by her most powerful and loyal wolves, who have only one goal in mind: to keep the pack strong and secure. When an intruder threatens, will the Alpha be able to protect what is hers? Read Jenny’s story to find out.

A story of a wolf pack that lives by one motto. “Fortis et Fidelis”. Strong and Faithful.”


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The Dalton Family Saga

February 10, 2012By

Book One: London – 1950. Elizabeth Bentley sets off towards a new life, leaving her small countryside village of Ambleton. There she meets the Mysterious Lord Dalton, who introduces her to friends and a way of life that she could never have dreamed of. To meet the characters and read about the places that will change Beth from a shy naive young girl into a woman, drop by Jenny’s Storybook.

Book Two: Life has been a whirlwind of activity for Alex, Beth and their good friends the Woodward’s. A wedding to plan, a honeymoon, and along the way some new friends to meet. Will everything go off without a hitch? Or will influences from the couples past throw a spanner in the works? Find out in The Dalton Family Saga – Book Two.

Link: Jenny’s Storybook

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