She Came at Dawn

January 11, 2013By

German writer Katja has completed a lesbian fiction novel that’s she’s posting to the web one chapter at a time. Here’s the teaser: “Greg and Melissa have been together for quite a while, but when Greg’s best friend Tom introduces his new girlfriend Laila to the happy couple, Melissa’s life is turned upside down.” Chapter 1 is currently available, with more on the way. A new chapter will be uploaded every Friday. Swing by and check out this romance.

Link: She Came at Dawn

Katja has links to her lesbian short stories, web novels, fan fiction, poetry, and photography at her other site, Anomaly of Hearts, so check that out, too!

Link: Anomaly of Hearts

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Lez and the Country

April 2, 2009By

Inspired by Lez and the City, Lez and the Country is the fictional blog of Sally, a country gal in small town Oregon. The writer behind Sally also posts fiction on her An Aspiring Writer’s Blog. The posts on both blogs are fairly short, so if you’re looking for something quick to read, check them out.

Link: Lez and the Country

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Lez and the City

February 23, 2009By

If you’re looking for something new, check out Lez and the City. Louise, a lesbian in San Francisco, shares her adventures, travels, and travails in her fictional blog. Pay a visit and find out what Louise is all about.

Link: Lez and the City

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Salty’s Poetic Tales

August 20, 2008By

Salty’s Poetic Tales features the poetry and fiction of the prolific poetess, Salty. Her blog invites you “to view some of what’s in my heart & head.” You’ll find five collections of poetry and several short stories, with more to come. If you enjoy reading fare that’s a bit on the salty side, check out her site.

Link: Salty’s Poetic Tales

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