For the Love of a Family

April 10, 2012By

Erin Miller’s book For the Love of a Family is free on Smashwords. Jackie Miller is a police officer who loves her family very much and will do anything for them, even if it means getting suspended from the police force…

As usual at Smashwords, the book is available in many formats, including PDF, ePub, and mobi (Kindle). You can also read it online.


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Lee Harlem Robinson

January 28, 2011By

Lee Harlem Robinson is “bringing light lesbian fiction straight to readers.” Robinson (a fictitious character) looks back over the last 10 years of her life in an attempt to figure out how she ended up lonely and seemingly exiled in Hong Kong. A new entry is added to the ongoing narrative every few days. You can read the entries online or download them in .mobi and .epub formats. Check it out.

Link: Lee Harlem Robinson

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April 11, 2009By

If you’re in the mood for a full-length novel, check out Gormglaith by Heidi Wyss. Wyss writes that Gormglaith is a “speculative fiction novel set in a plausible future with a Celtic bent.” You can read the novel online or download the PDF or ASCII text file (very portable).

Link: Gormglaith

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Read These Lips

September 15, 2008By

Read These Lips publishes free lesbian e-books. Two short story anthologies have been published, with more on the way. Submissions are also welcome—check the guidelines. If you’re looking for something to read on the go or to print out and read in bed, pay a visit to Read These Lips.

Link: Read These Lips

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Khimairal Ink

August 18, 2008By

Khimairal Ink is a literary webzine published four times a year. It features character-driven stories with lesbian protagonists in a variety of genres. As stated on its About page (where you’ll also find an explanation of its name!), it’s “devoted to fiction that celebrates strong female ideals and the feminist spirit.” You can read the stories using your browser, or download the issues as PDF files. You’re sure to find something you’ll like.

Link: Khimairal Ink

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