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Author DS Bauden’s web site has much to offer the lesbian fiction fan. If you’re in the mood for a short story, visit her Original Fiction page. The Xena Stuff page will satisfy those looking for fan fiction. Feel like reading a novel? All of Bauden’s published novels are available online from her Published Works page. Bauden’s site has something for everyone and is well worth a visit.


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Passion and Perfection

October 13, 2008By

Passion and Perfection is a treasure trove of lesbian fan fiction. No matter what the universe or show, you’ll find it here, along with videos, graphic novels, reviews, and original fiction. The site also accepts submissions. There’s plenty to choose from at Passion and Perfection. As the site says, “… if it’s femslash you’re looking for, sit back and enjoy what we have to offer.”

Link: Passion and Perfection

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Fanfic by Radclyffe

September 1, 2008By

If you’re a fan of the X-Files, you’ll want to check out Radclyffe’s fan fiction collection. In her stories, “Scully is a lesbian (surprise!) and her private life is quite a bit more interesting than CC would have us believe.” Radclyffe is the author of over 30 works of original (non-fanfic) lesbian romance, intrigue, and erotica. Her Scully fan fiction was written at the height of the X-Files fan fiction phenomenon in 1998-2000. Check it out.

Link: Fanfic by Radclyffe

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The Athenaeum

August 22, 2008By

The Athenaeum hosts a large selection of original and fan fiction. In addition to Xena fan fiction, you’ll find Hercules, Star Trek, CSI, Law & Order, and more. If you register for the forums, you can use a nifty feature called the Bookshelf to bookmark your favourite stories and to build a “to read” list. With the variety of fiction available at The Athenaeum, you can’t go wrong.

Link: The Athenaeum

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Sapphic Voices

August 19, 2008By

Sapphic Voices has been showcasing lesbian fiction and poetry since 1997. Its Mission Statement invites writers to “tell us your story,” and many have. From Adventure to erotica to horror to romance, Sapphic Voices has it all. A Young Adult section is also available. Drop in for a visit—no matter what your taste, you’ll find a story or two (or three) to read.

Link: Sapphic Voices

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