Sayit18’s Fan Fiction

April 22, 2015By

If you’re into fan fiction, check out sayit18’s stories. You’ll find stories that contain Harry Potter’s Hermione and Fleur set during the Triwizard Tournament when her Veela seems to be bursting at the seams, Carmilla’s very own Carmilla and Laura in an angsty erotica spin in their dorm room, and Vampire Academy’s Rose and Lissa during their runaway attempt when the vampire gets a bit too hungry. Head on over and take a look.

Link: Sayit18’s Fantasy Fan Fiction

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ll – Beauty & Ecstasy

June 16, 2013By

ll is a celebration of feminine beauty and ecstasy, by means of the imagination. You’ll find fantasies of every kind, from simple observations of the female form to extremes of erotic invention. Cody’s passion is to craft an image in words, be it of a body or a moment. At present she’s working on two novels: llust, a present-day erotic fantasy, in which a young ingenue is initiated into an imaginary Los Angeles lesbian subculture, and the luculla hive, a science fiction story with erotic alien imaginings. Cody also writes short stories about topics that occur to her in her daily life. Drop by Cody’s site for a visit.


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Akumu Love Panic!

July 19, 2012By

Akumu Love Panic! is a horror-romance series inspired by Japanese anime and extreme Asian cinema. Amaya Alastor is the new gaijin in Tokyo after an incident in America sends her packing. After all she’s been through, she just wants to keep her head down and focus on school like any other sixteen-year-old. Enter Haruko, a strange but enthralling young Japanese girl who immediately takes to Amaya. The two quickly bond, only to have their new friendship challenged by the inexplicable. For their new love to survive, they will both have to face the dark things they have been running from. Between demons and ghosts, family and friends, and love and BDSM, getting through school will be the least of Amaya’s problems… Drop by and check out this new series by the author of Eikasia.


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A Lesbian Kiss 2 Desire

October 26, 2009By

A Lesbian Kiss 2 Desire features the work of akiss2desire, a “Bible Belt Blogging Bi Big Beautiful Babe.” You’ll find erotic short stories and poetry. Check the sidebar for the stories (under Best Of and the Archives). If you’re looking to read something hot, this is the place to visit!

Link: A Lesbian Kiss 2 Desire

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clom n’ dev’s

March 3, 2009By

clom n’ dev’s features a large collection of South of Nowhere fan fiction, rated from Universal to NSFW (Not Safe For Work). You’ll find serials and standalone stories. If you’re not a fan of South of Nowhere or you’re in the mood for something else, check out the recently added original fiction section. This frequently updated site has a lot to offer. Swing by and have a look.

Link: clom n’ dev’s

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